Video game developer with experience in gameplay and animation programming; memory, cpu and gpu performance profiling; using a variety of middleware products and internally developed engines/tools.


  • Game development using C++, C#, C, Objective-C, Lua, and AngelScript.
  • Knowledge of DirectX and OpenGL; Unity, Unreal, Gamebryo, and several internally developed engines.
  • Developed for PS3, XBox 360, Wii, iOS, DS, PSP, PS2 and PC.
  • Interest and experience in general gameplay development, animation programming and input programming (Wiimote/Kinect).
  • Firm understanding and application of animation programming techniques.
  • Knowledge of rendering systems and shader development using Cg, CgFX, HLSL, Wii’s TEVs and PS2’s VUs.
  • Experience working with ODE, Bullet Physics, PhysX, and Motion physics libraries.
  • Firm understanding and application of multithreaded programming techniques.
  • Experience leading teams and mentoring peers and interns.


Lead Gameplay Programmer
Longtail Studios; Halifax, NS — 2010-2012
Published: Motion Sports Adrenaline, 3 unannounced titles.

  • Developed games for XBox 360, PS3, 3DS and an unannounced platform with a primary focus towards gameplay development, animation development and Kinect integration.
  • Experience developing for a variety of game engines including Unity, Gamebryo, Unreal, and Ubisoft’s internal technology.
  • Worked closely with animators to test and implement character rigs and animation.
  • Worked closely with the concept team to develop and test ideas centered around the Kinect, and integrated Kinect in all projects.
  • Some experience modeling collision meshes in Maya.
  • Responsible for assisting and mentoring development team, filled interim role as lead gameplay programmer and handled duties of technical director.

Software Engineer
HB Studios; Halifax, NS — 2008-2010
Published: NHL 09, FIFA 10, Backyard Baseball, 1 unannounced title.

  • Developed games for PC, PS2, PSP, DS, Wii, and XBox 360 with a primary focus towards input programming, shader development, and general profiling/optimizing of gameplay and rendering.
  • Worked on internal tech team integrating new technology into the company’s internal game engine.
  • Designed and implemented various rendering effects including lighting systems, MSAA, and shadows.
  • Experience analyzing CPU and GPU performance with the goal of optimizing systems.
  • Mentored employees and was often regarded as a go to for help researching various problems and implementing solutions.

Programmer Inc; Calgary, AB — 2007-2008

  • Designed and built applications/websites in C# and ASP intended to assist clients with the needs of their core business.
  • Often worked individually on projects with clients directly to establish features that meet their needs.
  • Additionally provided training, support, and general maintenance of applications and associated databases.

Support / Testing Manager, Programmer
SolutionInc Ltd; Halifax, NS — 2006-2007

  • Managed support and testing departments, supporting a variety of client networks ranging from small hotels to large convention centres and cable plants.
  • Experience analyzing multiple network types and layouts for problems and efficiency.
  • Managed and supported the company’s internal networks which made use of multiple subnets.
  • Developed software applications in C# and Perl for use by both clients and by SolutionInc staff.


DeVRY Institution of Technology — Computer Engineering Technology, 2001-2002
Saint Mary’s University — Computer Science & Mathematics, 2002-2004

References are available upon request


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